Monday, September 7, 2009

Camp Taylor in NJ is Nasty - Reviews

Hi, I went to Camp Taylor in NJ in 2009 and I got abused like never before by the beard ahole, the owner. This place is no place for my family or for my dog. Since day one they hated the fact I had my small dog with me and my friends who speak with accent.

I had friends coming with me from a different state and Camp Taylor destroy our vacation.

Every day, 3 times a day , 4 times a day I heard complain from them about me and my friends. I think he didn`t have anything else to do but to follow us.

The owner told us that people were complain on my dog and I had to leave his campground or he will call troopers. My dog is house pet. When i talked to neighbors campers about my dog they said they never said anything and even their children played with my dog. the owner of Camp Taylor in NJ, looked like Nazi and the place is awesome for everybody who hates pets, young children, family and quality time.

He would made the perfect Nazi gourds in Auschwitz.

If you planing to go camping with your family don't go there. The people are nasty and psychos .

Thanks Campground Taylor for destroying my vacation.

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